This is The Firestarter Press, a new publishing company.

We know in the day and era of Palm-this, Blackfruit-that, i-device here, email-there that books are falling out of favor. That’s cool. We gonna bring books back. There are things that need to be said that are not online, not downloadable, won’t be streamed, faxed, or texted. Shutter the thought.

The Firestarter Press is a publisher of authors who are dedicated to destroying stereotypes, inspiring the angry, rejuvenating the love and burning the ignorance that has captured so many of us.

The authors acquired by The Firestarter Press are dedicating to making intelligence, love, soul, family, cool. We are going to bring to you the most write-now words to make us all better.

This is not as GOOD AS IT GETS.

We can be better. We will be better.

But ignorance… IGNORANCE HAS GOT TO GO!!!!