Damon Smith, Executive Editor

I am the Executive Editor of The Firestarter Press… it’s like bringing order to chaos around here. I manage the chaos. Why are things so chaotic? Are you serious? At what temperature does ignorance burn? Think about that for a minute. These authors have taken the responsibility of writing words meant to destroy what we previously thought and create a new paradigm. 

There are authors that are all about addressing the failures of our government to tackling taboos that are all up in our neighborhoods… perhaps sleeping in our very own beds. I have authors who want to bring you the best love of your life, a sista who is committed to telling you why a lot of Black Women have lost their damn minds… and an author who wants the absolute God Blessed Best for his people.

So yeah, its’ chaos... but isn’t that what’s needed now? What else is going to get rid of this disorder we are living in now? What else is going to make adults stop behaving like children and children from acting like monsters? What other strategy is going to get us to the polls and vote and up on Saturday mornings to clean up our hoods? What else is going to encourage men and women to unplug and actually listen to each other? What else is going to get us to welcome GOD back in our lives? What else is going to bring the generations together and unite under the cause of “doing right”? 

The Firestarter Press is going to start the fires, the fires that burn away our self-induced ignorance and also ignite us to burn away the ignorance that is running rampant in our communities now… kids shooting kids on busses… are we serious? 

This is NOT how our lives are supposed to be. We are devolving into guttural, irrational, selfish, mean-spirited, angry, spoiled, hyper-sensitive, fearful people who have become so afraid to stand up for anything, that ignorance , stupidity and savage evil is taking over this world.

At  The Firestarter Press, we have had enough. The authors here are no longer "sick and tired" but pissed off. ANGRY! ENRAGED! Divorce rates growing faster than Marriage rates. Single parent (mostly momma) headed households tripling in less than a decade. Punk Men making babies and not being FATHERS. Schools with books as old as the building itself housing kids who don’t even get breakfast. Dirty Cops. Dirty Priests. Black on Black Genocide in the Motherland... the place and race where Civilization BEGAN.

And what are we doing? Listening to iPods. Buying iPhones. Ordering Pay-Per-View. Standing in line for a kid wizard book. Where are our Fraternities? Where are our Sororities? Where are our Churches? What are we doing people?

We are committed to making this life, the one we are living right now, the very best it can be. To achieve that goal, IGNORANCE HAS GOT TO GO!


Emmeson Blaque © 2007

i be dat man
looking for answers to long ago asked questions that still plague us in the right now
loving art, history, sound, dance, expressing the experience of being alive
my only reason for being is to the record the truth of the now moment
letting go of all pretext and subtext for the statement of that one absolute truth
that i still search for

i find clues
in the melodies of music
in the form of a perfectly posed body
in the connectedness of words that conjunct us all

that search
inspires me to be better, do better, live better
watch out
for you never know what it may cause me to do next

i am emmerson blaque...


I am Danaje © 2007

i am
that tireless
absolutely never stopping
of love
saving your life

i am
the recognized standard of black male
forged from a father’s excellent example
and a mother’s disciplined compassion
who raised me, for you,
my people
my love.

i am
a reflection eternal
of God’s Grace
and Blessed ancestors
who have commanded that i be
the very best
for you,
my people
my love.

i am the cool cat at the proper moment
and righteous warrior when it is time
to fight
for you,
my people
my love.

i am not alone
i am black man strong
sitting right there next to you
sleeping with you
working side-by-side
loving you
friending you
i am right there

can you see me
close your eyes and look again

i am danaje.