Sassy Sez

I am the soul sister who will give it to you straight, with a chaser of reality, and a cleanser of “did she really just say that?” Yeah, I did just say that. My flagrant acts are not fouls, but charges, into the lane of your comfort zone and I dare to stand in the way.

I want better Black Men in our communities, in our homes, in our lives. The key, Better Black Women.  Sistas, we are the true treasure, and we have to have the discipline, the desire, the will to value ourselves enough to be the example of excellence.  By making ourselves better, our men will be better.

Brothas, don't think you all are off the hook. Stop being stupid. Man Up. Take responsibility for you actions. Since you know you are America's Most Wanted, stop making it so easy of a hunt. Do better. Be Better. Ask for help. You are born a Prince, but only with God, Maturity, Integrity, Courage, Faith, Wisdom and Discipline can you earn the title of King.

To get us there, I’m gonna tell some truths. I am coming after everybody. We have not been doing our jobs, sistas. Raising monsters. Somebody's "Baby" is going around here killing kids at schools. And Brothas, what is ya’ll problem?  Making enough babies to field a football team, with no Marriage Ring in sight.  We all done lost our minds.

Like Nino Brown said in New Jack City, "What happened? Don't nobody know nothing? Somebody got to know something was going on."

I am addressing everyone.  We are the Village. To the on her own Daughter of Dust in South Central, to the Privileged Black Prince going to Harvard, we are all part of the same Blackness.  We have failed by allowing incomes, class, complexion, still separate us.  We are failing as spouses, as parents, as kids, as leaders, as friends, as family. But we have also had successes. We have achieved. And do even more.

That is why I know WE CAN BE BETTER. We must. I know my columns are going to hurt some feelings.  I know that I am going to anger some Brothas & Sistas.  I really don’t care. 

It’s our babies that are committing a lot these evil acts.  It’s our desperate need for companionship that we allow the Devil’s own to baby-sit our out-of-wedlock children. It’s our misinterpretation of man-hood that convinces us join gangs and commit crimes against our own people. It is our male insecurities that allows you to want stupid lust instead of making yourself ready for real love. It is your quick-to-quit attitude that won't allow to handle hardships responsibility and ask for help. We want everyone to accept us we are instead of bettering ourselves.  Like Susan Taylor said, “instead of humanizing God, Divinitize yourself.”

That is what I am all about.  You wanna sit still?  You wanna create excuses instead of doing better?  Aight.  I’m gonna light your ignorant ass up.