Crack Don't Kill Like It Used To by Damon Smith

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Crack Don’t Kill Like It Use To is a collection of poems and essays that allow this Black Man to vent… about my government… about my people… about  myself. 

So why that title? Because it seems to this author that some individuals are doing this that can only be explained but a crack hazed plan.  Remember that rant by Chris Rock about Whitney being “crackish”? That is what I am talking about.   

There are some things being done by everyday people, by authority figures, agencies, children, our government, ourselves that clearly are the rest of some kind of drug.  Surely, people can’t be this stupid, this evil, this short-sighted. 

There is some sarcastic humor and some very pointed poems in the book. There are questions, as well as some answers. 
Put the pipe down and pick the book up.

Damon Smith

LIVE YOUR LOVE by danaje
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This book has gone through many titles.  I did not realize how wrong I was when naming this book.  I wanted you to judge this book by its cover.  I wanted you to know exactly what you were getting when you got this book.  None of the previous titles did that. 

But then, in a divinely quiet moment, as I was waiting for my Momma to pick me up, it came to me.. “Live Your Love”.  How perfect a title it was.  Many authors, experts, pastors, shrinks, have said what I am about to say, so its not a new concept, but so many of us ignore it.  LIVE YOUR LOVE.  You know how you want to be loved, do not settle for anyone who cannot love you the way you want to be loved.  And don’t forget the other side of the equation: In order to get the love you want…YOU HAVE TO BE WILLING TO LOVE SOMEONE HOW THEY WANT TO BE LOVED.

In other words, you gotta give, to get.  EVERYONE has been hurt.  EVERYONE has a love past.  So yes, many of us are walking around here wounded and worn, and hurt, and angry, and suspicious and nervous.  We plug up our ears so we can’t hear anyone, even if they are trying to say “Good Morning”, or,  “You are beautiful”,  or “Thank You”.  You have to Live the Love you want.  Everyday.  Every night.  Even while you are single. 


Love is not easy. We get scared.  We get nervous.  We get wrapped up in the superficial, the irrelevant, the bullshit.  We punk out.  We let others determine what Love is for us instead of being honest and comfortable in our own Life.  


Living Your Love: A Husband’s Tale by Emmerson Blaque

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It is me, that man. That man who doesn’t understand what the big deal is. Being married is like a festival of amazement. Every day I am amazed at the two of us. She is my wife. And I am her husband. And it works. Works well.

The next step about Living Your Love is enjoying your Love.  I have to admit that I enjoy my wife.  And my wife enjoys me.  We don’t analyze our Love.  We don’t question why we are, Are too excited to be with each other. 

Living Your Love requires honesty, integrity, intelligence, creativity, humility, stamina, commitment and Love. If she and I were not willing to give completely to the idea of satisfying each other, then Living Your Love would not work.  There are days and nights when it is all about me and my wants and desires.  There are nights and days when it is all about her pleasures.  I give.  She gets. She gives.  I get.  Sharing in the orgasmic experience that is Living Our Love is a mutual responsibility. 

Man up and go down. Be thorough in your jobs.   Stop performing for your friends and Live Your Love with your spouse.   

After talking with Damon, I was convinced that sharing our exploits and experiments could be a beautiful thang. So, put the kiddies to bed, better still, send them grandma’s, clothes the shades, put on some Dwele and read my Diary. 

I guarantee you many great umm… sessions.

Emmerson Blaque